Ronsholsters -
Conceal Carry Holster Double
Can carry 2 guns and 2 spare magazines.
Or can carry 1 gun, up to 2 spare magazines and spare cash, wallet, passport, credit cards, etc..
The holster goes under the shirt directly on the body for concealed carry.  The handle fits in the pook of the shirt directly under the arm pit.
It works with T shirts, Polo shirts,
V neck shirts, sweat shirts and can be used with a button up dress shirt if the top button is undone. 
Conceal Carry Holster Single
Can carry 1 gun and 1 spare magazine or can use for spare cash, wallet, passport, credit cards, stun gun, mace, etc..
Holster Material
This is the same material they use for burn patients. It does not hold in heat or make you sweat. It is breathable and washable.
Approximately %80 of the weight of the weapon disappears because
the weight is spread out evenly on the body instead of riding on
one spot. This makes the weapon feel comfortable to carry.
To demonstrate this. Place your
(unloaded) weapon or a bar bell under your arm between the side
of your body and your arm. 
Holster No Slip Pad
This is the no slip pad.  It goes against your skin.
The gun does not slide down while you are moving around and does not slide up when you pull out the weapon.
The gun goes between the no slip pad and the 2 layers of support.
Keltec P-32 semi-auto pistol.
Keltec P-32
Ruger LCP 380 with Lazer
Ruger LCP .380 with Laser.
Ruger LC9 with Lazer
Ruger LC9 with Laser.
Revolver holster
Can fit any J Frame Revolver.
Glock 22 and spare magazine.
Full Size Glock 22
with spare magazine.
Colt 1911 45 ACP
Colt 1911 .45 ACP
Can also carry a spare magazine.
The universal holster will fit any semi auto up to a .45 cal Colt 1911.
And J frame revolvers.
Some .22's,  .25's and Derringers may have to use the magazine pouch
if the weapon is too small and goes inside the main pouch out of reach.
The trigger is secure down in the pouch. 
When reaching in to draw the weapon, you will be grabbing only the handle portion.
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