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This is a concealed carry holster.
It is the same latex free material that is used on burn patients to allow
heat to escape. It is a breathable material that helps prevent sweating.
The holster is worn directly on the skin around the chest and can
be used under T shirts, Polo shirts, V neck shirts, sweat shirts and
with a button up dress shirt if the top button is undone.
The weapon is drawn through the neck of your shirt with
a cross draw motion. Using one hand, pull the neck of the
shirt forward and with the other hand pull the weapon out.
The holster is perfect while sitting down by allowing easy
access for a safe quick draw.  It is best suited for driving
a car, riding a motorcycle, ATV, bicycle, sitting at a restaurant,
boating, jogging. It does not interfere with bending over while
working or while getting in or out of a vehicle.
The slip proof pad keeps the holster from slipping down while
moving around or from coming up when drawing the weapon.
The handle of the weapon hides in the pook of the shirt
making it completely concealed.
The washable holster is a custom fit (chest sizes 18" to 60") that
works with any body shape because it forms to the body, fastened
by Velcro that holds the weapon securely against the body.
The single holster has 1 pocket for the gun and 1 spare magazine.
The double pocket holster has a pouch under both arms.
It can carry 2 guns and 2 spare magazines, or
It can carry 1 gun, 2 spare magazines and a wallet or
spare cash, passport, stun gun, mace, etc..
It is a universal holster that will fit anything from a Derringer up to
a full size .45 cal Colt 1911.  (All semi-auto's and J-frame revolvers).
Approximately 80% of the weight of the weapon disappears because
the weight is spread out evenly on the body instead of riding on
one spot. This makes the weapon feel comfortable to carry.
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